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Engineering colleges in Goa

Goa College of Engineering, Farmagudi
Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna
REIT, Shiroda
Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda
Fr. Agnel Institute of Engineering, Assagao

Though the vacancies in Goa College of Engineering, Farmagudi were for mining, in most other colleges the vacancies were mainly in information technology, computers and electronics and communications. Till a few years ago, IT and computers were in demand, but gradually people have realized that in these engineering fields the discrimination is extremely blatant and people are complete shameless.

For the mainstream engineering fields, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, caste or family background does not matter so much, merit, hard work does. But for IT and computers , people will discriminate very blatantly and are never censured or asked to justify their actions. For example a classmate from India's top engineering college will falsely claim that a cheater named nayanshree hathwar, was his classmate in college to get her a lucrative government job with salary and pension, when she has no engineering qualifications and has never worked as an engineer.

Almost the entire engineering batch will be united in supporting the fraud nayanshree hathwar, whose greatest qualification is that she cheated an experienced engineer, their classmate of her hard earned money. The classmate a vulnerable single woman gets no support at all, to recover her hard earned money, while all the powerful men rush to protect and promote the cheater nayanshree hathwar,.