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Based on media reports there are 1230 engineering seats in goa, but 194 engineering seats have gone vacant this year in goa, probably a reflection of rampant corruption and nepotism in the engineering sector, which enables extremely powerful people in the tech sector to give fake references of experience and qualifications to their young friends all of whom have never worked as an engineer, while the real experienced engineer is held a virtual prisoner, not allowed to communicate with anyone, in a very crude attempt at identity theft.

No one in any position of power thinks that the promotion and fake references of powerful officials engineers to their unqualified and inexperienced young girlfriends is a fraud, and these officials are to be censured or punished in any way. However, fooling people is not so simple, hence people are staying away from engineering.

As one science college teacher in goa who has seen how a bsc student who passed their college just a year ago, is being promoted as an engineer with twenty years experience, there is no point in sending girls to study engineering. Doing bsc and then finding a powerful official to ruthlessly exploit his engineering college classmate seems to be a far simpler shortcut to success. The young bsc slim bsc pass girl with no morals has been promoted by her extremely powerful boyfriend who seems to have no conscience or anyone to question his fraud.

There is another young diploma holder from goa who specializes in corporate espionage,named siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar with no work experience , but has been given fake references of twenty years experience, which her victim has, a permanent government job, with salary, pension as reward for the fraud. No person in goa wants to take action against this fraud who looks like kim kardashian, since she comes from a very well connected and powerful family, who are blackmailing the victim of siddhi mandrekar's fraud. Indicates the lack of importance for merit and competence in the engineering sector.