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For many positions, especially in India and government, references are needed. while powerful officials will readily give fake references of experience to young undeserving frauds, their girlfriends who are well connected, they will do everything to ensure that an experienced engineer does not get the references she deserved because they are jealous or hate her.

Since these officials are extremely powerful, many people and organizations will blindly believe that the fake references that they give to their young girlfriends without even bothering to verify the information. These powerful officials are not willing to acknowledge their mistake in giving fake references of experience, and the single woman engineer has to spend a lot of time and effort to expose the scam by the ruthless officials, supported by large corporates.

On the other hand a number of underhand methods are used to deny references to experienced engineers, including telling everyone her caste, and then asking people not to give references, offering bribes, or threatening those who do not agree to these methods. This is accomplished by putting the engineer under surveillance for more than 4 years, monitoring all correspondence, making it impossible to get any help.

Not a single person in a position of power in the internet sector thinks that this mistake in giving fake references should be corrected, and there is no regulatory authority in the engineering sector to prevent the fraud by officials and their young girlfriends.

Medical and dental colleges continue to be in demand, probably because people are more honest and do not give fake references of experience to their young friends so liberally to appoint them to important government jobs.

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