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Trends in engineering education
Two decades ago, Goa engineering college at Farmagudi was the only engineering college in the state, the only option for students who wished to study engineering, but did not want to leave the state, since there was (and still is ) a lot of competition for admission to national engineering colleges like NIT or IIT.
Since then there have been a number of private engineering colleges set up in goa, but this year the demand for seats in these colleges has reduced to a very great extent..

Nepotism in technical education

No demand for engineering seats in Goa

Casteism in IT, internet sectors

Fake references of experience and qualifications

Other parts of india

The tech sector in India is characterized by dishonesty and lack of morals as extremely powerful officials in the engineering sector give fake references of experience to their young girlfriends half their age, falsely claiming that the young women they are infatuated with were their classmates in engineering college, to appoint them to important government jobs with salary and pension at the expense of their classmate who they are jealous of and hate.

Not a single person in a position of power in the internet sector thinks that this mistake in giving fake references should be corrected, and there is no regulatory authority in the engineering sector to prevent the fraud by officials and their young girlfriends.

Medical and dental colleges continue to be in demand, probably because people are more honest and do not give fake references of experience to their young friends so liberally to appoint them to important government jobs.

Please note that the names used are only as an example, their names may have changed due to marriage or other reasons