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Trends in engineering education
This year the quota of reserved seats has increased from 240 to 330 seats in engineering colleges in goa. However, there were very few takers for these seats, with 170 seats remaining vacant. This can be attributed to the blatant discrimination which people from OBC, ST, SC categories face, even if they get a seat in the general quota.

Powerful officials will dishonestly and cheaply try to exploit their engineering college classmate, a vulnerable single woman, who was not well connected, falsely claiming that their young girlfriends siddhi mandrekar, and sunaina half their age,with no experience as engineers, were their classmate in engineering college to appoint them to lucrative government jobs with regular salary, pension and great powers.

The real engineer, has to struggle to end the harassment by these cowardly dishonest officials, her college classmates as they put her under surveillance to ensure that she never can get justice, expose the fraud by her cruel greedy classmates . No one objects if these officials try to get lucrative positions honestly stating the young women were their girlfriends who they are infatuated with. However, misusing their classmates name, experience and investment is a big fraud, both on their classmate as well as the organization to whom they are giving these fake references of experience.

All the positions which an engineer from a top engineering college should have got are given to a well connected but undeserving person, because of the rampant casteism in the state, where caste and contacts matter more than merit. The engineer is held virtual prisoner, unable to communicate with anyone in a cheap attempt at identity theft.

Medical and dental colleges continue to be in demand, probably because people are more honest and do not give fake references of experience to their young friends so liberally to appoint them to important government jobs.

Please note that the names used are only as an example, their names may have changed due to marriage or other reasons