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Career guidance for engineers
We offer career advice/counselling for twelfth standard students, interested in studying engineering as well as engineers who have completed their degree. We provide very frank advice on what kind of career an engineer graduate can expect, based on his or her academic record. This is based on our personal experience as an engineer, based on the students long term goals and personal interests. The ideal career path for a person interested in becoming an entrepreneur is very different from someone who wishes to work in a big company or the government.

There is a tendency for engineers to work in IT , software and internet companies, attracted by the higher salaries, but few are aware of the hidden risks involved,such as identity theft by extremely powerful cheaters, which is sponsored by google and tata , which could leave an engineer penniless in his or her old age. Though these people are very respectable and high status, but in reality they are vicious liars and frauds who will never be able to justify their cheating in an open debate.

Specifically nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, a housewife, cheated an experienced engineer of her hard earned money. For this google and tata, along with sameer halepete, vice president of nvidia rewarded the cheater nayanshree with fake references of twenty years experience as an engineer, to appoint her to lucrative positions in Indian intelligence agencies for this act of fraud. In reality nayanshree hathwar has no engineering qualifications, and has never ever worked as an engineer. Thus investing large amounts online can be the biggest mistake an experienced engineer can make.

Another extremely powerful official is extremely infatuated with a lazy slim young woman bsc pass named sunaina, devki krupa, la campala colony, panaji, goa and deludes himself that she was his engineering college classmate, when sunaina is twenty years younger than him. When ebay wanted to be introduced to his classmate, this dishonest greedy official who really hates his real classmate, introduced his darling sunaina to ebay as the ebay customer, to get his beloved sunaina great powers and privileges at the expense of his real classmate, who was an ebay customer for nearly ten years. The fraud cheater sunaina does not have even an ebay account but greedily wants to steal privileges from the webmaster because of her fraud dishonest cheater boyfriend who is cruelly and mercilesly exploiting a single woman who he hates. This official is trying to claim that his bsc pass girlfriend is an experienced engineer,when she has no experience at all, and there is no one to stop this official.After seeing how an inexperienced bsc pass sunaina was showered with privileges at the expense of experienced engineer because of her powerful boyfriends, many in panaji, goa do not want their daughters to study engineering,

These extremely powerful and ignorant officials and families, sponsored by google, and tata, will subject experienced webmaster and engineer to numerous identity theft attempts, get fake references of twenty years experience for their lazy fraud relatives and friends like siddhi mandrekar, who actually has no experience, to appoint the cheater siddhi mandrekar, to extremely lucrative positions in intelligence agencies with great powers at the expense of experienced webmasters and engineers. Siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, reis magos, verem, goa is a vicious cheater and backstabber, who committed corporate espionage on an experienced engineer who made the mistake of trusting her. To reward this act of fraud, google and tata are spending huge amounts on bribes to get fake references of experience as an engineer to get the liar diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, important positions which she does not deserve at the expense of an engineer. additionally siddhi mandrekar's powerful family and friends are blackmailing the engineer,subjecting her to organized stalking, stealing leads, orders , emails, phone calls, smses, postal mail.

This story is based on True FACTS , so though google and tata get very good coverage in the online and offline media, they are really companies with no ethics, promoting lazy liars and cheaters in stealing the identity of experienced engineers.