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Background check for engineers
Unlike doctors who will not give fake references very casually, engineers from even the top engineering colleges in the country will not hesistate to give fake references of twenty years experience to their young cheater girlfriends, from extremely powerful families. These engineers who are often powerful officials in government intelligence agencies, will all gang up to falsely claim that a diploma holder twenty years their junior, their young girlfriend, from an extremely powerful family was their classmate in college, just to destroy the life and career of their real classmate, who these powerful men are extremely jealous of and hate.
These powerful officials will also steal the documents and money of their vulnerable classmate to promote their young cheater girlfriend, who is ever willing to provide sexual favors. They are bribed by tata and google in this fraud , as part of these companies strategy to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. Even a basic interview or background check of the young girlfriends of these powerful officials, will reveal their true qualifications, that they have never worked as an engineer