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Engineering consultancy for control & automation, electrical projects, factories, industrial projects and services, retrofitting.

Engineering drawings - Basic and detailed engineering drawings

Engineering services - Basic and detailed engineering, layouts, cable schedules

Marketing Engineering products - Online and offline marketing of engineering products, export your product to foreign countries, with 100% advance payment. Suitable for SMEs unable to hire sales/marketing staff due to budgetary constraints.

Placement assistance - Placement for freshers, free trial offer

Career Guidance - Career guidance for students interested in studying engineering, engineering graduates

Background check - Background check for engineers, fake references of qualifications and experience by extremely well qualified government officials to their young girlfriends, with google and tata offering bribes for fake references

Training - Training for fresh engineers

Vacancies - Vacancies for engineers

Studying engineering - Engineering education, demand, colleges, nepotism.

Hiring trained engineers is expensive and difficult, especially for short term requirements. We offer the above engineering services/ Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we are always willing to make changes as per customer requirements.Please send an email to info@epc.in.
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PCB Board 1u rack case , to provide customers with the ideal housing

customization waterproof boxes , small and large can be purchased now and shipped immediately


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stable diffusion runpod

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